*Ashoor de Aron of Boorchin




Born in Tehran, Iran, Ashoor combines Salukis from the Bokan area with Salukis from Kermanshah. Having quite a journey from Tehran to Arman Torkzaban (our Partner)  in Istanbul, then making the transition to us here in Virginia, he is a brave, bold, highly intelligent, athletic Saluki who handles life with great cheer.A very social young Saluki,  Ashoor loves to visit, especially with youngsters, sharing a Saluki joke is almost as much fun as running.

While here in the USA Ashoor is considered a Generation 0, he is not from an unknown pedigree.  Both Tirvan and and Aron were bred by Arman Torkzaban while he was living in Iran and traveling extensively in Kurdistan.  Ashoor’s granddam is Qushabee who has given us a beautiful litter here as well as her litter for Arman. Aron is a Mazda daughter, also bred by Arman.

We have high hopes for this young boy.  We hope to bring forward his soundness both physically and mentally, his positive outlook, his keenness in the field and his willingness to keep going and going and going….