Imported from Iraj Sattarzadeh, Hamburg, Germany, *Sarban was born in Sanandaj, Iran and exported as a young puppy.  He came to us at 5 years of age.  *Sarban was our first Kurdish hound since the importation of *Tek Kulak Tazi Var and *Tek Kulak Acic Goz by Janet Jones.  We remain very grateful that Iraj and Eva Sattarzadeh allowed him to come rule our house.

*Sarban sired two litters for us out of Melik Sherit and *Sheyda of Iran. His puppies from Sherit proved quite capable in the field with Melik Halaaleh of Hawksview CC,CM, owned and beautifully campaigned by Karen and Lauren Chen, completing her CC and CM in her first coursing season. Holley’s accomplishments include: 2014 ASA Veteran Hunt Winner, 2008, ASA Ishtan Cup Hunt Winner, 2007 Grand Course Saluki Breed Hunt winner, Joshua Annie’s Trophy, 2nd place Grand Course Mixed Final, 2007, (largest entry ever, 73 dogs), ASA Coursing Shield, ASA Adana Memorial Trophy, ASA Shadrack Trophy, 2006, ASA Scramble Cup Puppy Hunt Winner with her sister Hoda placing third.  Melik Hesam campaigned with Chris Mason in New Mexico winning the Christmas Cup and anchoring the TSH winning pack in the Dutch Salmon Pack Hunt.

*Sarban’s litter out of *Sheyda of Iran was equally accomplished although NOFCA was not the hunting venue of choice.  Frank Cassano had a long and fruitful hunting and coursing career with Haba, Melik Ishtahaba Djinn FCh,NACC, NACM, CCC, CBC  and along the way winning the TCC Derby judged by Paul Sagar and the CLCA Grand National.  His sister Bisa, Melik Laa Yudaandi Inbisaat consistently placed in New Mexico, including high score Saluki at the TCC Derby in 2010 and Bisa with her brother Briizy and Wahiba Farid Finale tied for the win of the Dutch Salmon Pack Hunt as the only Saluki pack that year.