Tirgan von Iransamin


Tirgan, an extraordinary Saluki.  Either loved or reviled because of her pattern, it is her movement she should be known for.  Light, effortless, ground covering, perfect Saluki Movement.

Tirgan is a Generation 3, Persian descent, through her dam.  Sired by DE CH, VDH CH, AT CH, S&L, DE LCCH, INT LCCH, CLU, DE VET CH, VDH VET CH Persian El Mahbub a very accomplished coursing and racing male in Germany who also finished his Beauty and Performance title, Tirgan most resembles him in stripes.   Her pattern comes from the Persian import *Derafsch, himself an amazing male not exported to Germany until his hunting days were over. *Derafsch was a producer of fast Salukis and this has carried down through Tirgan who has great talent on both sides of her pedigree.

Tirgan was bred to GCh Miles at DoubleTime’s Al Asmaanii, JC,FCh,CC ; winner of the Grand Course in 2011 with a UK and Saluki Breed Hunt winner at the Grand Course in 2013 finishing second in the Grand Course.  The litter was born in November of 2012.  Miles complemented Tirgan in every way including sharing the same exquisite movement on the trot.

Their litter of 8 has done quite well so far with daughter Melik Marjan von Iransamin (Racing for Cyrus Sattarzadeh), winning the International Derby, the German Derby and leading the Racing List in Germany for 2015, son Melik Manoosha at DoubleTime has completed his AKC Field title and is doing well in NOTRA and LGRA with Kirby Overcash.  Daughter Melik Michka has earned her CGCA, is a certified Therapy dog and has started Rally and Obedience with Eileen Drummond. Melik Maral (Theia) is running well in AKC Lure Coursing with Therese Pitakas and Melik Minoo has had her debut in the hunting fields in Wyoming with Alex Schubert.