UPCOMING LITTERS, not all litters are bred by Melik Kennels but all are from our family. Please read what is required to get a puppy from our family on Saluki Puppies 101. You can reach us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Melik Jameela will be bred to *Ashoor de Aron of Boorchin in 2018 for a Gen ONE litter.  Jameela is the dam of Melik Nazlee License to Kill at HawksView CC,CM,GCW. 

Other Litters

On September 9 a 100% Persian descent  SPDBS litter was born in Durango, Colorado at Rataki Salukis, Lorraine Trenholm.  6 girls, 2 boys.

*Aram di Diba of Boorchin was bred to Chuck (Melik Khaliis) for this highly anticipated litter. This is a Gen ONE litter.  There is a wait list on this litter.  Contact Lorraine at rataki2@capecod.net directly or you can use the form at the bottom of the page.

*Aram was bred by Arman Torkzaban in Iran and is a littermate to Abraca de Diba of Boorchin in Sweden.


Chuck is part of Paul and Lauri Domski’s pack and from the K litter of *Ghobad and *Sheyda of Iran.  His pedigree and littermates can be found here.

Chuck is a well proven hare dispatcher, winner of the Boomslang, and other various coursing accolades.  While this is his first litter, his brothers have proven to be outstanding sires of hunting Salukis, as Arrow sired Waylon,  Paul’s most excellent young boy, Weenie and Wild Girl, Lorraines’ good team, and Khafiif sired Nadin Jenn, who has proven himself in New Mexico with TCC and his sister Pete, Melik Nazlee License to Kill at HawksView CC,CM,GCW, all titles earned in her first year in the NOFCA fields as well as winning the Grand Course.

We expect some serious running Salukis.

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