Saluki Puppy 101

Puppies are a joyful, warm, happy addition to a family, whether it is a working family or simply a companion. We invest a lot of time into each puppy to ensure they are ready for their next step into a new home.  We are here always to help that puppy become the Saluki he has the potential to be when he departs our farm.

Puppies leave at around 12 weeks.  We feel the benefits gained from litter interactions and input from the dam far outweigh any other considerations.  Our puppies leave with their first vaccinations, microchip, DNA typing, and beginning leash training done.

Remember, that puppy is a baby, when he/she leaves us he has never been away from his siblings, he is not house-trained, he will be getting itchy teeth, he is blessed with a lot of curiosity combined with an innate caution, both hard-wired survival traits.   If you have a job that takes you away for the day you MUST take these things into consideration as confinement without companionship for a long period of time will result in a damaged mind. A Saluki puppy NEEDS interaction.

Speaking of those itchy teeth, baby Salukis shed their teeth.  This happens fast, and at about the 12 week mark those impending teeth get itchy.  This is the baby teeth dissolving as the new teeth get ready.  That puppy is consumed with the need to CHEW…..everything.  Your table legs, your chairs, your walls, your shoes, your leather furniture (for that matter any furniture).  Electrical cords are very tasty as they feel good.  When the teeth go, they go all at once. This leaves your puppy without his defenses and it is not unusual to have a puppy get uncomfortable in new situations.  Be mindful of his insecurities, his instincts tell him he is defenseless. Be aware of your home,  it is best to get ahead of your puppy and provide appropriate chew toys while keeping a close eye on unsupervised opportunity to eviscerate you favorite chair.

Getting a puppy from us requires an understanding of three Saluki Truths:



The first consideration is an understanding of space.

Salukis require space, the more the better- space to run, space to dig, space to chase. The Saluki is hardwired to run, his joy as he stretches out, is something that should never be denied to him.  In his early years, a Saluki will ALWAYS choose the chase over the couch.  Unless out hunting with you, his space MUST be fenced as he will not heed traffic in his desire to run. As a Saluki matures it is vital to his development both physically and mentally that he be provided with frequent and adequate running.


The next consideration is Time.

The Salukis is a social hound. While not a demanding breed, although the pressing of the head on your arm while staring at you intently is very demanding, his nature is not to fawn.  He will greet you with great enthusiasm or he may turn his back on you in disdain depending on his mood, but he will seek out your company.  The Saluki wants to be with you inside your home; either a quiet companion or  enthusiastic friend, he thrives as an active member of the family. He does not do well as a kennel dog. He is a house dog.


The third consideration is the hunting instinct

Our hounds are generally not more than three generations from County of Origin, most often we will have Salukis available that are either one or two generations from their homeland.  This means that temperaments are still those of the hound in the Middle East.  He is a hound honed by millennia of selection to be the perfect hunting companion in these areas.  He is highly intelligent, discriminating and independent.  Because of his ability to hunt effectively on his own, the Saluki does not need you, he wants to be with you.  Failure to understand this key component of the Saluki will result in an unhappy hound and an unhappy person.  We are always happy to provide guidance and support. Our Salukis remain part of our family for their entire lives no matter where they live.



A Saluki’s function is to be an effective hunter.

A Saluki is beautiful because of his function.

To deny this truth is to deny the Saluki.

If you have the space, the time, the understanding of who the Saluki is, please contact us.  We breed every one to two years, occasionally have young adults and always know where the Kurdish litters are.




Melik Jameela will be bred to *Ashoor de Aron of Boorchin in 2018 for a Gen ONE litter.  Jameela is the dam of Melik Nazlee License to Kill at HawksView CC,CM,GCW.